IMG_0069I am a medical anthropologist writing and teaching about the ways that policies and politics affect health systems in both low and high income countries. My broader expertise spans two major themes: how health sector transformations and funding priorities affect various groups of people (health professionals, citizens/residents, development workers, government employees), which I have researched since 2008; and the ethics and practices of international clinical volunteering, which I have researched since 2011. My work is primarily ethnographic and multi-scalar, meaning that I follow policies and interventions from the spaces where they are contemplated and designed to the places where they are implemented. My research focuses on Tanzania and the United States.

Visit the publications and research pages to learn more about my past and current work, as well as the teaching and program leadership pages to see how this translates into my pedagogy. On the media appearances page you will find my op-eds and other public engagement endeavors relating to my areas of expertise. You can also follow me on Twitter: @ncsullivan.